Brief Introduction of ASU unit, Producing of liquid Oxygen

Asu(Air Separation Unit) stands for air separation unit(crygenic plant) , through certain steps of science and technological aspect it able to produce liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon several products . It’s a privilege to share some experiences in mechanical that i have gained, which may helps to those who will become a part of that kind of plant. If you take your profession like a passion, you enjoy each every moment on your duty. Normally the ASU consists with equipments and machineries
Normally the equipments are categoriesed as a Static b. Rotary.

A brief introduction of ASU unit

Once the atmospheric air is drawn through air suction filter, it goes through the multistage centrifugal compressor for attaining it’s designed pressure and since the temperature of the fluid is increased its goes through direct cooler evaporation system to cool down it’s temperature then it’s sent to pre purfication unit where the contaminants particle , hydrocarbon, water vapour is being eliminated, then this purfied high pressure fluid comes into expansion turbine, and it’s temperature becomes very low (it works on the basis of joule-thomshone effect) . Booster cooler plays a valuable role where the fluid comes out from turbine discharge and gets cooled in cooler thorough Heatexchanger then agin it inlets to tubine, after that this expansion fluid with low temperature goes to the cold box (whther the distillation column is installed) through the ceratin process of distillation it produces liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon , these production is kept on storage tank with effective insulation.
For flowing the fluid the medium is piping arrangements, the selection of the material of pipe is very much crusial, to prevent heat losses the pipe line is being insulated (hot insulation, cold insulation) .
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