The Global Facts Privacy Policy

What’s in the Global Facts policy?

This policy tells you:

  • what information we might collect about you
  • how we might use that information
  • when we might use your details to contact you
  • what information of yours we might share with others
  • your choices about the personal information you give us

    1. How do you collect information about me?

we can collect your Information( Name and Gmail address) when you will Sing Up in our Website and when you will comment in our any post.

2. How do Global Facts protect our personal information?

We are strongly committed to keeping you and your family’s information safe. And we and our team never give you and your family information to others.

And on other hand if you feel any time that your password or any personal information is not safe you can contact us any time. We are always ready to help you.

3. What types of personal information does the Global Facts collect about me?

Global Facts only takes your name and your Gmail address.

4. How can the Global Facts use my personal information?

Global Facts will use your personal Infirmation( Name and Gmail address) only in a valid reason. We will contact with you only when there will be any regarding our Privacy Policy.

5. Can I delete my information?

This depends on what information you’re talking about.

The Global Facts privacy promise

The Global Facts will always maintain this Privacy Promise that we shall never use you and your family privacy in any wrong way. This is our fully responsibility to protect your Information and never can be misused.


It’s up to you how you use our services. And you can manage or delete your Global Facts account at any time.

Because we’re a public service, we will help you make informed decisions about your data, so everyone can get the best out of digital technologies and the Global Facts.


Your trust is very important to us. So we’re committed to keeping your data safe and secure.

We promise to never sell your personal details to anyone and to only use your data commercially if you’re using a commercial service.

Privacy Notice for Children

Our Site is fully safe for children also. Children can also use our site for taking any information.